Introduction to our studio

       Jenny Hosmer Ballet School was founded in 1982.

Medical vocabulary practice directions: choose the best term to complete each of the sentences below. 1. viagra y viagra        an x-ray revealed that the baby’s stomach was not fully formed. This condition is called ___ of the stomach. A.        apnea b.        dyspepsia c. discount super viagra        agenesis d.        pneopneic answer agenesis 2.        the man developed a rare disease that caused ___, or the destruction of his muscle tissue. A.        myofibroma b.        mycosis c.        myelocele d.        myolysis answer myolysis 3.        oophoropexy means ___. buy online viagra germany A.        inflammation of an ovary b.        fixation of a displaced ovary c.        discharge of an ovum d. where to buy viagra        development of an ovum answer fixation of a displaced ovary 4.        shortly after the woman’s doctor diagnosed her as having cancer of the uterus, the doctor advised her to have her uterus removed. viagra y viagra Therefore, she underwent a ___. A.        hysteropexy b.        hysteroptosis c.        hysteropathy d.        hysterectomy answer hysterectomy 5.        as some movie stars become older, their eyelids sag. They undergo ___ in order to look younger. A.        blepharoptosis b.        blepharadema c. canadian generic viagra online        blepharoplasty d. cheap generic viagra uk        blepharospasm answer blepharoplasty 6.        people who ride motorcycles often wear special clothing or a kidney belt to protect against ___, which can occur from a hard blow or jolt. A.        nephroptosis b.        nephritis c. viagra de 20 mg        nephrolith d.        nephromalacia answer nephroptosis 7. viagra side effects prostate        the patient complained of ___, inflammation of the renal pelvis. A. where to buy viagra online        pyrophilia b.        pyrolysis c.        pyelitis d. Buy viagra gold        pyrometer answer pyelitis 8.        the final step in the procedure was ___, suturing of the ureter. Viagra 20 mg filmtabl preisvergleich A.        ureterocystostomy b.        ureteropyelitis c.        ureterorrhaphy d.        ureterocele answer ureterorrhaphy 9. viagra online        doctors discovered that the patient suffered from ___, hemorrhage of a lung. A.        pneumonia b.        pneumonopathy c.        pneumonocentesis d.        pneumonorrhagia answer pneumonorrhagia 10.    the worker developed ___ from breathing black dust. viagra online A.        pneumonomelanosis b.        pharyngomycosis c.        melanocyte d.        dermatomycosis answer pneumonomelanosis 11. Viagra online discount    the doctor used a ___ to examine the patient’s mouth. A.        glossoscope b.        microscope c.        stomatoscope d.        rhinoscope answer stomatoscope 12.    certain bacteria cause inflammation of the gums and tongue, ___. A.        gingivoglossitis b.        cheilitis c. where to buy viagra online        glossoplegia d. secure canadian pharmacy online cheap viagra        gingivalgia answer gingivoglossitis 13.    ­­­the doctor’s diagnosis was ___, paralysis of the small intestine. A.        coloplegia b. viagra lab lilly        enteroplegia c.        rectoplegia d.        interoplegia answer enteroplegia 14.    a ___ is a doctor who specializes in diseases of the anus and the rectum.  

住所: ココキタ  東京都北区豊島5−3−13郵便物をこの住所に送らないでください


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